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664yd with the Garand

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After the match today i went to my buddys farm and busted a beaver dam and tried to blast some of them pesky things. Well after awhile and no signs of mr beav i went to my little shooting spot. I had a friend and his girl friend with me so we went to the shop and welded up some targets right quick. Set a smaller 8" circle plate at 75, a 14" plate at 250 and the renforced 20" gong an 400. We commenced to blasting with the 22s. And went thru a brick in no time with all 3 of us shooting. We let the barrels cool off till they stop glowing. :lol3:
got the 270 and Garand out and had some fun till the barrels warmed up a lil, then back to the 22s. Another brick gone now. Prolly took another hour.
I decided to try my luck, took the 400yd target out to 664yd, i tried to guess for 600 and got closer to 700 :lol:
first shot with the 270 hit it in the lower half. All 3 shots hit it thank goodness. So i got out the Garand, this is where it gets fun. I dailed it 675 on the elevation and set it on the sandbags. Got a good hold and let it fly, my friend is spotting for me with my 270, he jumps and said hit! I looked at his girlfriend to ask her what he said and when she said hit, i heard the report of lead hitting steel. I put it on safety and started laughing. 664yds on a 20" target with a 50+ year old battle rifle shooting greek m2 ball. I let it cool off for a few while i gathered myself. Bout 5 minutes went by and i got it back on target, squeezed one off and knew it was left as soon as i pulled the trigger, dang. 3rd shot hit with a nice report. So i stopped while i was ahead.
That m2 ball will do some damage at that distance to some 3/8" mild steel.
Got the 270 out and rang it a few more times and loaded up for the day.
Boy was that fun!
Thats my longest successful shot to date.
Check in next weekend for a 800yd shot. :lol4:
then the next week for a 1000yd shot.
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1 - 1 of 22 Posts
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