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664yd with the Garand

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After the match today i went to my buddys farm and busted a beaver dam and tried to blast some of them pesky things. Well after awhile and no signs of mr beav i went to my little shooting spot. I had a friend and his girl friend with me so we went to the shop and welded up some targets right quick. Set a smaller 8" circle plate at 75, a 14" plate at 250 and the renforced 20" gong an 400. We commenced to blasting with the 22s. And went thru a brick in no time with all 3 of us shooting. We let the barrels cool off till they stop glowing. :lol3:
got the 270 and Garand out and had some fun till the barrels warmed up a lil, then back to the 22s. Another brick gone now. Prolly took another hour.
I decided to try my luck, took the 400yd target out to 664yd, i tried to guess for 600 and got closer to 700 :lol:
first shot with the 270 hit it in the lower half. All 3 shots hit it thank goodness. So i got out the Garand, this is where it gets fun. I dailed it 675 on the elevation and set it on the sandbags. Got a good hold and let it fly, my friend is spotting for me with my 270, he jumps and said hit! I looked at his girlfriend to ask her what he said and when she said hit, i heard the report of lead hitting steel. I put it on safety and started laughing. 664yds on a 20" target with a 50+ year old battle rifle shooting greek m2 ball. I let it cool off for a few while i gathered myself. Bout 5 minutes went by and i got it back on target, squeezed one off and knew it was left as soon as i pulled the trigger, dang. 3rd shot hit with a nice report. So i stopped while i was ahead.
That m2 ball will do some damage at that distance to some 3/8" mild steel.
Got the 270 out and rang it a few more times and loaded up for the day.
Boy was that fun!
Thats my longest successful shot to date.
Check in next weekend for a 800yd shot. :lol4:
then the next week for a 1000yd shot.
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captain-03 said:
Seems you and that Garand were meant for each other!! Outstanding shooting --

BTW: Saw up whooped up on a lot of them ARs today with that OLD Garand!! :thumbup:
Its my favorite rifle at the moment. I had thought bout getting a sling for it, that might make me less 'wobblesome'. But so far im extremely impressed with the rifle with surplus ammo.
They are surely alot o fun.
Yea just ask that peice of metal i been shooting, it screams ever time i hit it... :lol3:
Pm me your number. I shoot every weekend.
A steady hold and a slow trigger squeeze and it will ring it. I was 2 for 3. I wanna blame the light for the miss, the sun was goin down and i was letting the barrel cool. I saw the orange dot and tried to hold at 6oclock. It was some what blurry.
anyday shooting is a fine day :cheers:
racine said:
Glad you're on our side. Nice shooting!
:fe: :sf:
Doug Bowser said:
I bought a rebuilt Springfield M1 Garand from the DCM in 1982. The cost was $112.00 delivered. It had a new Springfield barrel on it. I had the rifle accurized by a former US Army gunsmith from Fort Benning, GA, named Hook Bowden.

It was amazing, the groups shrunk from 5" at 100 to 1".

I shot the rifle in service rifle competition until I bought a NM M1A. We used to shoot the Rattle Battle at our club and at 600 yards the rifle was deadly. You would be in position with the rifle loaded and the target was exposed to the shooter for 50 seconds. I used to shoot 23 to 24 shots from the M1 in 50 seconds and have 21 hits average on the US Army "E" silhouette.

Age has taken over on me and I am not that fast any more but the M1 rifle is still very accurate and can perform as well as always.

Doug Bowser

Team Captain for Southwest Gun Club
at Camp Perry 1984,85,86,87 and 88
No that sounds like fun!!!
i bet you can still hold your own :thumbup:
1 - 9 of 22 Posts
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