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870 Express Magnum?

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Just picked up a shotgun in excellent condition. But in trying to look up something about it, I cant find it. The side is stamped 870 Express Magnum. Ive seen 870 Express Super Magnum, and 870 Express Marine Magnum. Anyone have info or a link to info or explaination for this? Thanks.
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Scharfschuetze said:
It's the standard 870 with a receiver that can take 3" shells. I have one. Excellent for making a home defense shotgun. Add an 18" IC barrel, extended magazine, sling; see elsewhere on this site for some really nice ones. Very easy to accesorize, as the 870 series has been around so long and virtually every LE department has used them at one time or other.
+1 I have one,it will shoot 2 3/4 and 3" shells. I use mine for mostly turkey hunting,but have a full,mod, and imp. cylinder choke for mine.
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