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870 Express Magnum?

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Just picked up a shotgun in excellent condition. But in trying to look up something about it, I cant find it. The side is stamped 870 Express Magnum. Ive seen 870 Express Super Magnum, and 870 Express Marine Magnum. Anyone have info or a link to info or explaination for this? Thanks.
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Scharfschuetze said:
I have read that the 3 1/2, with its increased shot load, is actually ballistically inferior to a 3"; with the increased shot load but using the same case (powder) capacity there is a trade-off. Basically it was a gimmick to sell more guns to turkey hunters. Goose hunters wanting more would do better with a 10 gauge. That was the gist of the study.
Shoot something with a 3" and then a 3.5" and you will see that isn't true.
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