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870 Express Magnum?

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Just picked up a shotgun in excellent condition. But in trying to look up something about it, I cant find it. The side is stamped 870 Express Magnum. Ive seen 870 Express Super Magnum, and 870 Express Marine Magnum. Anyone have info or a link to info or explaination for this? Thanks.
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sidroski said:
I'd love to have a marine magnum, little care needed. Son found a used one. I'd love to get it off it off him.
I think that express super magnum is 3 1/2". Talked to two guys who shot them, they said they kick worse than a 10 gauge. I see no reason for anything more than a 3" 12.
I was going to nickel plate that 870 you have now to make my own marine magnum. If the mossberg i have now doesnt sell soon ill do that to it in the spring.
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