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9/11 Vintage Bolt-Action Match Results

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No Pictures today...... sorry. Just TOO HOT....

Scores subject to M1GarandFan's verification...

PhillipM had his '03 "cooking" and showed us how it is done. CONGRATS on your WIN today.

The Garbo brothers were trash talking each other on their shooting skills. The older Grabo finally came out on top. I think "J" owes "D" a few beers............ :)

Notice the Standing Slow-fire scores..... They ALL suck. By the time we got to this stage, everyone was about GIVE OUT. I think it was hotter today than at the August match. My shooting mat got so hot it HURT to lay on it..............

Poor M1GarandFan.... his 1917 Enfield didn't seem to want to hold a zero. The sights were not loose, but the bullets were going all over. Maybe he is not holding his mouth correctly............. :)

REMEMBER... Next Saturday is the BIG trip to Camp McCain. Those GREEN PLASTIC ARMY MEN don't stand a chance against us.

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Great pics. My hats off to you guys that shoot position with irons.
1 - 1 of 13 Posts
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