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If you are leaning polymer framed:

M&P Pro or 9L
Glock 34
XD Tactical or XDM

Probably in that order for me, but they are so close it is just a matter of personal preference as they are all very good. You wouldn't go wrong with any of them.

If interested in a steel frame:

1911 - double or single stack, limited only by your budget. Full custom, SV, STI, Kimber, Springfield, and others. I have heard some decent reports on Taurus' 1911 and I think it is offered in 9mm, but I would expect to replace some internal parts if it were me (extractor/fire control). STI Spartan is tough to beat as a bare bones platform, but of course the more you spend the nicer they get.

CZ or Sig X5 - both have pluses and minuses, but the right models can be "cocked and locked" which I would personally prefer for steel matches.
Browning HiPower - forgot about the HP.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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