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cheaper end (obviously not cheap quality though)... ($400-$1100)
also, I would prefer the 4.25 inch commander length

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Hrdnox said:
Here's one that isn't too pricey. Kinda flashy, though. A pimp would probably like it.:)

That's not a 1911. Not even close.

If you want a commander size, you're gonna have to go to the high end of your price spectrum.

I'd recommend the STI Guardian. It'll be $1000 if you know where to look (I do and can recommend talking to Bobby at Freedom Gun Works).

Now if you're not opposed to a 5" you can spend about $600 and get a damn good value with an STI Spartan.

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bensand26 said:
sti? ive heard of them. have never seen one in person.
They are nice, I'm considering one in 9mm myself. The styling is what most that dislike don't care for but I don't mind it - everyone that shoots them seem to like them well enough.

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Regarding the 9mm 1911....

There is an existing thread, “9mm 1911's”, at: http://www.msgunowners.com/t4188-9mm-1911-s
You can spin through all 7 pages and get caught up on 9mm 1911’s.

Regarding the 9mm SRTI Guardian: I have one. You will find it referenced throughout the above 7 pages.

For more info on the STI Guardian see: http://www.stiguns.com/guns/Guardian/Guardian.php

As far as 9mm 1911’s in general are concerned, below are comparisons I put together perhaps a year ago when I was searching out my 9mm 1911. NOTE: To the best of my knowledge the RIA 1911A1 MS is the Commander-sized 1911 9mm and is not being imported (drat!!).

If these charts turnout unreadable let me know. Send me your email and I’ll send them as attachments (Excel spreadsheets)

I hope you find this helpful. If you’ve got questions specific to the STI guardian drop me a line.

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