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9mm bullet weights for USPSA Production

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I'm shooting commercial 115 gr ammo currently, but am about to consider reloading for 9mm

My Q is ....what are the most common bullet weights used in 9mm Production class

124 gr 125 Gr 135Gr 147 Gr

The lighter bullets might be "snappier" while the 147 gr would give a little more recoil.

I'm looking at zero brand bullets all JHP's

Anyone want to recommend a supplier?

Comments...we need some action on the competition threads :thumbup:

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I'm curious to see the responses, my dad want's to start reloading 9mm for IPSC . I don't want to hi-jack your thread but while ya'll are giving your opinions on 9mm I want to start reloading .45 ACP what is the lightest I can go and still be major power ?
I'll be shooting a RIA 1911 government any suggestions ?
1 - 2 of 13 Posts
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