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9mm bullet weights for USPSA Production

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I'm shooting commercial 115 gr ammo currently, but am about to consider reloading for 9mm

My Q is ....what are the most common bullet weights used in 9mm Production class

124 gr 125 Gr 135Gr 147 Gr

The lighter bullets might be "snappier" while the 147 gr would give a little more recoil.

I'm looking at zero brand bullets all JHP's

Anyone want to recommend a supplier?

Comments...we need some action on the competition threads :thumbup:

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Black bullets :evil:

They only have one 147 bullet listed 147 FP so I'm gonna assume is a truncated cone

the FAQ seems to imply there could be a problem with a stock Glock barrel..no doubt the ole "unsupported" issue...Guess I could buy a Wolfe barrel for my Glock 17

Q: Can I use Precision Bullets in my Glock?
A: Yes and No. We have many Glock shooters using Precision Bullets in factory Glock barrels with great results. However, I tell all Glock shooters it is try and see. If you have tried plated bullets and accuracy was good without keyholing, then ours should be fine. If you have tried traditional cast lead bullets and accuracy was good after 200+ rounds without heavy fouling, then our bullets will work fine and shoot a lot cleaner.
If your Glock won’t shoot Precision Bullets, then it will have problems fast—heavy fouling in 50 to 100 rounds, very poor accuracy, keyholing, etc. Then you will have to stick with jacketed bullets. However, this is very rare.
Thx Cliff....am gonna order a few
Ordered 250 to try....still gotta order some 9mm dies
Let's not bugger up the 9mm thread with 45 acp questions OK....start another thread please.... :thanks:

Rbelote I'm interested

pm sent

Cliff - current wait time is 2-3 weeks
1 - 5 of 13 Posts
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