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I have owned a Ruger SP101 in 9mm, and, much earlier, a S&W Model 547. The 547 was probably the best 9mm revolver made to date of which I am aware, but they are scarce, long out of production, and doubtless very collectible and expensive. There were also some Ruger Security Sixes made in 9mm back during that time period as well (long out of production now). The recoil on the SP101 in 9mm is more stout than one might expect. And yes, IMO moon clips suck, and S&W neatly got around that issue with the cupro-beryllium extractor ears, but apparently the expense of producing the Model 547 was one of the main reasons for discontinuing it. As I recall the 547 came in a 3" round butt and a 4" square butt model. I wish I had hung onto mine.
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