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While I've never owned a 9mm revolver I've shot a few. The Ruger SP101, the Charter Arms Pitbull, the Ruger LCR, and a Taurus 692. Felt recoil on the SP101 and 692 were the lowest, likely due to weight but the SP101 was a smaller frame size so had a little bit more recoil. The LCR was the stoutest without question and the Charter was in the middle somewhere.

All of the guns needed moon clips except for the Charter, it's on their system where moon clips are not needed for extraction. Now, moon clips of course have their own issues and if you get really cheap ones they bend rather easy and can cause loading issue when out of alignment. I personally don't thin they are the end of the world but everyone's got their own opinion.

Main cons to the smaller framed 9mm's is felt recoil. It's stouter than +P .38 Special ammo in similar frame sizes and weights on revolvers and the use of moon clips(if you hate them). The pros are fairly obvious though, easy to find and afford ammo, plenty of good proven loads that do well in short barrels, and plenty of projectile weights to choose from.

I'd say depending use you may have in mind should determine the size. If going more for a carry gun, the Charter Arms and Ruger SP101 would be top of the list based on experience. But if more of a range use gun or something there's some S&W options as well as Taurus options like the 692 that would be more than suitable for the task.
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