A Concise Summary of Mississippi Weapon Laws

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    GREAT Article!!

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    very good article and very helpful :thanks:
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    Yes, a great site. And I appreciate you updating the Natchez Trace part too.
  5. Everyone should read this!

    Awesome post! It clears up the myths about the basic Carry permit. If you want to avoid trouble, you should get your instructor certification.
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    I thought this was useful info:

                While there seems to be no statutory limitation on a business owner’s right to prohibit possession of weapons within the business’ building, unless possession is limited by other law,[20] an employer (public or private) may not prevent employees from bringing firearms in locked, privately-owned[21] vehicles in the parking lot,[22] unless general public access to the lot is limited by a gate, security station or other means.[23]  An employer is immune from civil liability for damages which result from firearms permitted by this law.[24]
  7. just finished reading the information provided on Mississippi gun laws, very informative.
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    Good info...I printed out a copy for the glove compartments of both vehicles.
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    Brilliant. A very good resource. Thank you
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    good read,very informative on the does and donts
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    Thanks for posting this article.
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    Excellent Post. I am new to this forum and it was great to find all this information in one place that can referenced again and again. Thanks
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    Just note that although most of the info is current... Laws do change as in this on March 4, 2013

    Governor Bryant signed another pro-gun reform today (3-4-2013), which will take effect on July 1of this year 2013. House Bill 2<http://www.nramedia.org/t/1233823/58765110/20041/0/>, sponsored by state Representative Andy Gipson (R-Brandon) in the House and managed by Senator Giles Ward (R) in the Senate, addresses a recent opinion by state Attorney General Jim Hood (D) that has caused confusion and concern among carry permit holders and Second Amendment advocates. According to this opinion, it is unlawful under current law for both regular and enhanced carry permit holders to carry holstered, partially-visible pistols on their person. Additionally, any carry permit holder who temporarily or accidentally displays their pistol - when removing or adjusting a suit jacket or sport coat, for example - would be violating the law.

    HB 2 will eliminate confusion by striking the phrase “in whole or in part” after the word “concealed” where it appears in Section 97-37-1 of Mississippi law prohibiting the carrying of certain firearms or other deadly weapons. It also more clearly defines the term “concealed” for carry permit holders and non-permittees alike. Without the changes in HB 2, Mississippi laws that are supposed to protect the right to carry firearms for personal defense instead set legal traps for otherwise law-abiding citizens: a firearm carried by a person without a carry permit cannot be obscured, and any part of a pistol carried by a permit holder cannot become visible.
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    what happened to the open carry law?
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    Great read and thanks for posting!!!
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    Ok. Please forgive my ignorance as I have yet to obtain a CCP. I am applying for mine next week. But, if I am reading this right, I would be disallowed from CC in any place that has a "No Firearms" sign posted. Is this correct? If so, It would seem our esteemed governor has essentially "shafted" all of his constituents with his "new law."
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    For those interested, this article, particularly the chart of prohibited places, was recently updated.