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A couple of Pea Shooters

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Very nice bench/varmit guns. What are they chambered in? I take it your a benchrest shooter?
Man it should be a sin to post those minds of pictures. I had a rifle like the one on top, and seeing that makes me miss it.
This gentleman is extremely lucky! Beautiful girlfriend that will actually shoot benchrest with him...that isnt seen everyday! Buy her all the rifles she wants brother!
SHANE704 said:
that left side port is about the coolest thing ive ever seen on a rifle
Left port right eject is only important on a bench gun, but it is a cool system. A bench rest shooter is like a machine, when they are in a competition. Thats why I only wanted to go as far as F class. True 1-300 and 1k bench is really pricey to be competitive.
My Smith was Don Geraci from LA, but if I build any more rifles it will be with Eddybo (on the forums).

How much would you say your LG and gear cost?
I know some benchrest shooters who probably have 8 grand in their rifle and scope and another 6in rests and reloading supplies, etc.
1 - 5 of 44 Posts
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