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A couple of Pea Shooters

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That was alot of info ive never heard before.. but sounds cool :cheers:
Im goin to go out on a limb here and say you reload? :thinking:
wow, now thats pretty neat.I guess with the fast burning Unique it expands the case for you?

What type of "gauge" do you use to check for how deep to seat the bullets?

Sorry if its hijacking, just tryin to figure some stuff out for my ole .270 shooting Berger VLDs.
Thats what i like to hear, i wasnt sure exactly how far to Jam it.
How do you check for rifling marks?

I used a Sharpy and a magnifying glass on my .22-250 but i cant seem to get it to work too good in my .270 for some reason.
Ill have to give it another try tonight.
I got it to touch but the bullet was barely in the neck of the casing.
1 - 5 of 44 Posts
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