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A couple of Pea Shooters

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Thats what i like to hear, i wasnt sure exactly how far to Jam it.
How do you check for rifling marks?

I used a Sharpy and a magnifying glass on my .22-250 but i cant seem to get it to work too good in my .270 for some reason.
I use a naked bullet and can plainly see the marks left by the lands. A Sharpie would work I guess. Your throat may be too far out to touch. If that is the case, just shoot it. Seat a fresh bullet really long and try it.
Ill have to give it another try tonight.
I got it to touch but the bullet was barely in the neck of the casing.

Optics description too, please............. while you're at it..........

I don't think I've EVER seen a person shoot like this.....

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James D. said:
I don't think I've EVER seen a person shoot like this.....
That's not what I would call shooting. That's just loading and firing.

Those are some cool rifles tho. I'd like to use a sled system like that to sight in a few rifles.
What fun is a rifle that's so particular you have to sight it on platforms and adjust it via a turn knob...? Hell, give me an iron sight Garand... I bet I'll have more fun with that just shooting milk jugs than I'd ever have with that blue thing.

Don't get me wrong, I'm sure it's an amazingly accurate weapon, and it's made from quality steel and machined to precise tolerances.... But c'mon... That doesn't look like fun at all!
was that typo... i swear you said the trigger was 3 oz.....
Yes the Trigger is 3 oz.! The Red one is 8 oz...
James D., She is having to shoot the gun like that because I added the outrigger that the rear rest sits on and the weight of the gun causes the table to flex if you rest you elbow on it. You would normaly adjust the rests as you look through the scope while sitting behind it. But we do shoot it most of the time by tapping the trigger. Once you adjust the rests to put the dot on the X-ring the gun does not move. The Red one is a differnt story all together. If you don't hold on it will knock your teeth out.
And yes the Heavy is quite accurate. it will shoot a 20 shot string into 2" at 400 yards. It shoot about 6" w/ 10 at 1K. The Light gun has shot 3 groups of 5 shots under 4" at 1K.
The scopes are both Nightforce. The one in the picture of the red one is in the Safe waiting on a Dasher to be finshed. It is a NXS 12-42x56 w/ the DD reticle The Red gun now has the same type scope as the Blue. Nightforce BR 12-42x56 w/ the DD reticle. The NXS has 1/4 MOA clicks and the BR has 1/8 MOA clicks which relates to 1.25" at 1000.
300 atlas, when i said "leadsled", I was referring to the weight of the rifle. 65lbs is alot of weight. video was amazing. 3oz trigger is just crazy.
This gentleman is extremely lucky! Beautiful girlfriend that will actually shoot benchrest with him...that isnt seen everyday! Buy her all the rifles she wants brother!
I totally missed that the gun she is shooting weighes 65lbs, understand the sled it's in now.
I don't know much about benchrest shooting. If everyone has a rifle like that, able to to shoot minute of hair on gnats behind, bet it's hard to score.

I'm guessing wind, temp, and ammo play a very big role in benchrest shooting more so than the rifle itself?
Yes most everyone in IBS 1000 yard BR have Heavyguns like that on. There is no weight limit in HG. Weights range from 17 lbs to 100 lbs.. The current world record holder shoot a very similar chambering 187 gr. BIB bullet w/ a 100 lbs .300 Ackley Magnum. FWIW the current record is Ten shots 3.044". Yes equipment and ammo plus bench position play a big roll.
that left side port is about the coolest thing ive ever seen on a rifle
I have no clue what a 1/10th of any of that stuff was or meant except $$$$$ but still cool rifles.
SHANE704 said:
that left side port is about the coolest thing ive ever seen on a rifle
Left port right eject is only important on a bench gun, but it is a cool system. A bench rest shooter is like a machine, when they are in a competition. Thats why I only wanted to go as far as F class. True 1-300 and 1k bench is really pricey to be competitive.
I am sure that you w/ a 17 lbs Rifle can be just a competitive as anyone else. It is all about Equipment, Smith & AMMO! All we have to do is hold the DOT in the same place each time. I am very interested in trying the F-Class game. F-Class shooters are pickers. Us BR Boys are runners. We try to get all of the rounds on the target before the wind switches on use. Sometimes you win some times you don't. LR BR is shooting blind. You can't see the bullet holes from any of the previouse rounds down range. The Left port is handy though. It is quick to run the bolt w/ the right hand and have the next round ready in the left. On the LG, I don't see it as an advantage. While running the bolt, you must put your left hand on the cheek piece to keep the rifle set in the rear bag. Although it might be a fraction of a second faster having the port on the left side. I don't know! All of my LGs are RB/RP.
My Smith was Don Geraci from LA, but if I build any more rifles it will be with Eddybo (on the forums).

How much would you say your LG and gear cost?
I know some benchrest shooters who probably have 8 grand in their rifle and scope and another 6in rests and reloading supplies, etc.
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