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A couple of Pea Shooters

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$5,700 Total for the LG and equipment. $ 4,435 for the LG and $1,270 for the loading and shooting equipment. To have 8K in a rifle is paying WAY too much for Smithing!
From what I have seen of Eddybo’s work, he is Jam-Up!
Where can you find 1K ranges in MS to practice? I would think most competitions are out west, with that kind of precision at that range, I would think temperture and humidity would factor in. How do you adjust for going from 95 degrees with 90% humidity to 110 degrees with 0 humidity. Do you ever put them on an airliner, I guess if animal can make it, so can your rifle, but would be a pretty good bit of changes in pressure and tempeture at a fast rate.
There is one in Pascagoula. I believe this is their website.
We shoot here in Wayne Co. on a private range at the Wayne Hunting Club. It is not necessary to practice at 1000 yards. I do all of my load development at 300 or 400 yards. The IBS competitions are in TN, NC, WV, VA, OH, MO, MN & CO. Most of the ranges during the summer will not be that big of a difference than South MS, maybe in humidity. We have a 6 minute sighter period before record fire. During the sighter period you shoot at 4.5” Clay pigeons on a dirt bank. It is no big deal to get on target. No I don’t fly my guns. I drive to each match.
41 - 44 of 44 Posts
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