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§ºµ†hè®ñ_ߺý said:
Yeah! What's all the specs on that Glock? Looks like a monster! Race-gun, space-gun, and all the above!
hahah thanks guys, I have some more I gotta get some pictures of as well.

Glock 22:

LWD Stainless Steel Slide
LWD Stainless threaded barrel
LWD Stainless guide rod/recoil spring
LWD .40 Compensator
Lightning Strike Titanium Safety Plunger
Vanek Trigger
Insight M6X Light/Laser
Custom metal biohazard back plate (stock plate included)
Decal grips
Nikko Stirling Diamond Pro T Micro Holographic site (reticle looks very similar to an Eotech)
Black metal slide stop plate with silver engraved biohazard sign

LWD Black Oxide slide and barrel finish
LWD Hybrid porting
All trigger components and feed ramp highly mirror polished
-The back of the slide has been milled into a weaver rail so that red dot’s, scope rings, or whatever can be swapped between in a matter of minutes. The flats of the slide, slide release, and the face of the barrel were sanded/polished to resemble a brushed aluminum appearance while the slide serrations, top, front, and back of the barrel remain in black oxide. The remainder of the barrel has been highly mirror polished and the threaded portion of the barrel has been left black oxide. On the front of the compensator (looking down the barrel), it is laser engraved ISPC/IDPA.

The .300 SAUM AR is a beast and extremely accurate, I used it deer hunting a lot and even took a doe at over 600 yards with it (and the deer didnt go far from where I hit it)

1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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