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A good read...with lots of info

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While giving myself some online firearms study and training today I came across this website-www.corneredcat.com- by a lady named Kathy Jackson. It has several pages/links and be sure to read her information under the Miscellany section. I was looking for some info that might help me figure out something when I came across it quite by accident. Look under the Shooting Basics link for some good information if you are having trouble lately with your shooting accuracy and see if something may 'ring-a-bell'. The section on Dry-fire should be read by everyone. The website is full of some good stuff-especially discussion on carry and self-defense. I put this on here because this a forum for shooters truly interested in their abilities/learning and helping others. Also, for those who haven't, be sure to check out-guntalktv.com. Folks be sure to get some training and do some training. It is very important for you and your family in the use of these tools known as firearms.
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Here's the direct link.

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