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A little custom engraving

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Here are a couple of guns that my Dad left me they were his favorites.. A buddy of my Dads did custom engraving and my Dad was an Auto Mechanic so they just swapped out car work for gun work.. Both of them have my Dad's initials inlaid on them and both Browning Citoris bought in the late 70's early 80's.

The first is a 410 with antique scroll covering the reciever.. This was my Dad's first Skeet/Bird gun..

This one is a 28 guage that my Dad had done in his native South Texas scenery. Complete with Dove, Quail, Catcus, Mesquite Trees, Barbed wire fences and even a hidden Rattlesnake..

These two guns really got me interested in personalizing my guns.. I have yet to someone to do this kind of work, this was all hand engraved.. But I have done some things to a few of my guns.. Especially floor plates and trigger guards..
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man, those are very nice looking. excellent work.
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