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Discussion in 'Handguns' started by Glide Rider, Apr 10, 2018.

  1. Glide Rider

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    Picked up a old school bullseye pistol last night. Looks like the old builds my Gramps did and I learned to shoot on.

    Pretty typical back in the day. Essex frame, Colt hard slide, NM barrel and bushing. Haven't figured out who made the rear sight yet. It was someone's baby, polished, blued, and not a scratch. IMG_20180409_190825648.jpg IMG_20180410_103700.jpg
  2. mascott

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    Nice, now list it for sale in the appropriate thread.:cool:

  3. patchz

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    Reminds me of the Camp Perry Gold Cups the pistol team had when we were shooting bullseye matches. It was the first 1911 and first 45 ACP I ever shot.
  4. phillipd

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    Beautiful congrats
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  5. Bert Wallace

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    Are there any markings on the other side of the rear sight? Maybe an early Kensight. Great looking gun.
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  6. Vick

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    The sight is either a Micro or a copy of one. The Micro sights were usually marked on the right side, but those made for some other company might not have been. In any case, they are simple and easily adjusted sights.
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