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A new Direction... well mostly

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So.. I think most have figured out like the obscure... and Dan Wessons in particular. Well, trying to expand so my newest baby and one unlike any I have ever owned....

I presnent my new ......

Dan Wesson!

In case I need magazines... these came with...

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SubGunFan said:
I didn't know DW made a 1911 type pistol.......... Looks GOOD.

Learn something new everyday............. :)

they make some of the sharpest looking ones on the market right now! but unfortunately i heard they started a price increase in '10...but they also started using some better quality parts supposedly....like i think i heard they swapped to forged frames instead of cast? maybe? i dunno....it was last january when i heard all of that
1 - 1 of 12 Posts
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