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A Springfield You Say????

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I just couldn't help myself... It was too cute and looking for a new home! :lol4:

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This is the Springfield M6 Scout and it also comes apart so it can be packed in a backpack/survival pack in two pieces. This one is .410 and .22 Hornet. I've read that some will also shoot 45LC but this particular one doesn't say anything about that. It was really thoughtful of them to put in that ammo storage. I'm going to wrap in some para cord to give it a little better look but I really like it. It's a well built little gun.
LOL, I know what you mean. Most every weapon has a pretty well defined purpose and as long as you use it within that limit, everything is great. I had a business partner once who went out and bought a little Colt .25 pocket pistol. He called me after a few days griping that it was just a horrible gun, blah, blah, blah... he couldn't hit anything with it. I said, "Well what are you shooting at?" to which he replied, "Ah, I've got a 5 gallon can at about 20 or 25 yards." :no: I was suddenly embarrassed to have him as a partner.

I have plans for this little gun. I do a lot of hiking/backpacking and off road trips and this will be an excellent addition to a survival pack. Maybe I'll get lost and need to kill a large elk or a moose! :lol:
'Neck... It was used but I don't think it's ever been fired. The bores are perfect and there's not a mark on it inside or out. I know that they were fairly cheap several years ago but I ended up paying $350 for this one but I was still pretty happy with that.

Hey Silent, do you know of any outfitters that offer trips to go hunt for those things? I'd love to bag one of those beasts!! :128:
I actually thought that is was .22lr and when I got there to look at it I found that it was the .22 hornet. I was really excited about it then. I haven't shot it yet but that's coming soon. I was looking for a Marlin Papoose but hadn't been able to find one when I found this and I'm super glad that it worked out that way.

And granted, those giant squirrels are terrifying but I also worry about these things... :NO:
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