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A very hot!!!! F-Class Match Saturday

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X-Ring put on another great F-Class match Saturday down at Bogue Chitto MS range. Had a lot of good shooters show up and a few new guys came down to try it out. Let me tell you it was hot. We set up fans in the target pit to move a little air for the guys working the targets. I have located a few more blowers :shtf2: that we can place at the firing line next month. For those of you that have not tried this, you need to come on down but I warn you if you ever shoot a match you will hooked, the next match will be Saturday July 24.
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Oh come on neck, I had my .308 all warmed up and ready for you. I thought for sure I was going to get you down there and get you hooked. You would have had your smith put you a 30" Kreiger
on that Glock and laid in the grass with us and slung some lead. :lol4: We did have a good turnout of 22 shooters despite the heat. The bounty for the 200 score is up to $260 and still up for grabs. But until we get out of the mirage months I think it will be safe for a while.
Sorry to hear about your Grandfather passing Jonathan. Our prayers are out for you and your family.
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