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A very hot!!!! F-Class Match Saturday

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X-Ring put on another great F-Class match Saturday down at Bogue Chitto MS range. Had a lot of good shooters show up and a few new guys came down to try it out. Let me tell you it was hot. We set up fans in the target pit to move a little air for the guys working the targets. I have located a few more blowers :shtf2: that we can place at the firing line next month. For those of you that have not tried this, you need to come on down but I warn you if you ever shoot a match you will hooked, the next match will be Saturday July 24.
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i was in a hurry trying to work up a load in my 300wm and break the barrel in. then on my way home friday found out my grandpa passed away so we did the funeral thing saturday..

Ill see you guys next month if the Lords willing and the creek dont rise.. :D
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