About the best built Swedish Mauser you can find

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  1. stewbaby

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    If you want the top of the line, cream of the crop, best of the best in 6.5x55 Swedish Mauser in the original m/96 long rifle format, this is what you want! I’ve been hunting a pristine one for years and finally found it.

    Husqvarna made m/96 Swedish Mauser. About 18,000 made in 1943 and 44. Few have made there way stateside till recently. This one has the personalized plaque of its Swedish owner too! So sad no one puts there name on guns like that anymore lol.

  2. L Smith

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    That is very nice, been wanting one myself
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  3. HerrZnk

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    Where do you find these things? Verdammt doch mal!
    (ich hoffe, dass die Moderaten kein Deutsch können).
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  4. 22lrfan

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    That's awesome!!!:101010: Glad you found one. I found a Husqvarna M38 a few years ago. I wish it was a M96.
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  5. Rw

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    M96 are my favorite milsurp rifles
    I would settle for a cg63 i could afford though.. I didnt know what they were when sarco advertised some for 299 5 or so years ago.
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  6. stewbaby

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    Hah! I’ve got a little bit of a Swedish Mauser collector network I’m in. Had one of them call and let me know about this one so I pounced immediately!