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Not too many deals at the benches for firearms. Well, not what i had antisipated. A few hear and there. There was many firearms priced well over MSRP. Like SKS's, rusted and pitted, selling for 1100 at one bench. Holy Crap. A 250 Dollar .22LR pistol selling for $375. But there was one booth with Many Many Parts and accessories for AR's, M 14's, .30 Carbine, 1911s. And one guy in the back (private Seller Bench) Has the best deals. He still has a Norinco SKS MDL. M (Ak Mags) 400 buck, good deal. Just Letting you all know my take on the show. There are alot of private sellers too. I give it a B- Rating. (I dont mean to offend sellers so dont take it the wrong way.)
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I saw that sks, i know the guy who has it... may try to trade him something for it tomorrow. Shoeshooter bought a mossberg 12ga from him today, was a good deal.
shoeshooter said:
Same guy also had a clean Bushnell Elite 4200 32X, kicking myself for walking away from that one...would have looked real pretty on "Miss Kimber". :)
I can get you his phone number, i found out talking to him at the show we have a mutual friend or two
1 - 2 of 7 Posts
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