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Thanks to some very patient customers and a lot of blood/sweat/tears I've been able to bite my backlog in the rear, and it's the first time since I started leather work that I've been down to the order level I have on my plate to finish now! That said I'll be attempting a new style of order taking for the foreseeable future. How it works:

-Set number of orders for a given production period
 *I have looked at what can reasonably be done in a 4-6 week time period and will lean on the side of caution to cut off orders rather than get behind

-Payment is not secured until 2 weeks prior to your production period
 *All too often folks trade a gun, change their mind, or choose to add to their order which results in unnecessary hassle. Your order will be taken which reserve your spot in the given production period. Changes are allowed up until payment is sent.

 -Guaranteed Delivery
 *If I can't flip an order in 6 weeks or less, your money will be automatically refunded while you maintain the option of keeping the order with me or cancelling at that time.

-Production Specials
 *xx% of any given item per period

 There are a lot of neat things coming down the pipeline in the not so distant future so be sure to keep an eye out over the summer!

August's Production Specials:

Combination Rigs: 10% off any Street Smart Package, details found here: http://bigrobsgunleather.weebly.com/combination-rigs.html

EDC Holsters: $15 basket weave on any holster

Exotics: $150 Black Elephant Overlay 1.5" EDC D.S., 15% off list price for a matching holster.
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