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action pistol

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Who here shoots action pistol?
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Just shot a Regional yesterday. I bet im the only A/P guy here.
Action pistol is an event that is probably best described as requiring bullseye accuracy with times events...slower than USPSA.

It is an NRA saction competition that was started in the 80s as an invitation only event for the best of the best.

It is 4 events. 6 steel plates (plate rack) that is shot in 6 seconds from draw at 10 yards to 9 seconds from draw at 25.

A barricade event that has a target on each side of the barricade. YOu draw lock on the barricade with an open gun or lean on it with a metallic/production gun 15 yards you have 6 seconds for 6 shots 35 yards is 8 seconds for each shot.

Mover is where a moving target that travels 60 ft in 6 seconds is shot from 10-25 yards.

THen practical you engage 2 targets from 10-50 yards. 1st string is 1 shot each target in 3 seconds..2 each in 4 seconds. 3 each weak hand only in 8 seconds. Then you go to 15 yards and do 1 each in 4 seconds etc back to 50 yards adding a second as you go.
1 - 2 of 13 Posts
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