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action pistol

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Who here shoots action pistol?
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I've been saying for a while that I need to shoot an AP match. There is a USPSA/IPSC shooter from this area that shoots them, and we have talked for a while about me riding with him over to Liberty and just shooting my USPSA/IPSC rig in the metallic sight division. McComb would be nice, as it is a bit closer to the 'Burg. I have no doubt it would be fun and challenging, but it would just be an occasional thing for me to help hone my accuracy skills for USPSA/IPSC. I personally prefer the varied challenge of different stages each match and the movement allowed/required in USPSA, but variety and choices are always great. I think more folks should at least try a match in every discipline to see what they enjoy the most.
Cliff is exactly who I was referring to in my prior post. We've discussed it on several occasions. See you at the Classic.
1 - 2 of 13 Posts
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