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Air Rifle Suggestions

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I have had a blast the last couple of days shooting my old BB gun off the my new back porch. My BB gun leaks though and won't hold pressure longer than a couple of minutes (it's 20 years old or better). What are your recommendations for a new rifle? I want one that is reasonably accurate and powerful.
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I know these are way above the price range you mentioned, but I just spoke with someone that has one of these this past weekend and thought someone on here may be interested in them. http://www.airforceairguns.com/

Made in the U.S., and very impressive overall (accuracy of 1" or better at 50 yards, and 1" or better at 75 yards on the Condor, which may be the most powerful airgun available, fill with a scuba tank or hand pump, etc).
1 - 1 of 25 Posts
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