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Air Rifle Suggestions

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I have had a blast the last couple of days shooting my old BB gun off the my new back porch. My BB gun leaks though and won't hold pressure longer than a couple of minutes (it's 20 years old or better). What are your recommendations for a new rifle? I want one that is reasonably accurate and powerful.
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I have a Benjamin that I got probably 8 years ago and have loved it. I needed to solve a squirrel problem around my house, which is in a very populated neighborhood, and it looked like a good choice. It didn't take but a few minutes to get it dialed in and I have killed squirrels, snakes, possums and 'dillos with it. That little jewel is deadly. If memory serves me correct, I got it at Walmart. I've shot a friend's Gamo and it's nice but I like my Benjamin better. I hate that some people discount these things as toys. They can do some serious damage.
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