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Air Rifle Suggestions

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I have had a blast the last couple of days shooting my old BB gun off the my new back porch. My BB gun leaks though and won't hold pressure longer than a couple of minutes (it's 20 years old or better). What are your recommendations for a new rifle? I want one that is reasonably accurate and powerful.
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He also has a Gamo Bone collector in .177. They go for $400 new but we found one at a Pawn Shop for $60 in new condition with scope.
My dad got a "ruger" from Academy and its suppose to be a 1000fps with pellets..
Its a rat and squirrel killin blaster, He needed something a lil bit more powerful than the red ryder we been using.. Squirrels would literally laugh at us. Not any more :D
You might repair the one you have. I have replaced the leather pump seal and o-ring on an older Benjamin.
if you could only find a FEINWERKBAU 124 SPORT you would have something. something like several hundred dollars. cant be beat though. now there are some nice rifles out there theses days. try a beeman !
I have one of the Chinese Beemans from Wally World that I paid $98 for. Very accurate, very hard hitting.
21 - 25 of 25 Posts
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