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AK-47 30 Rd mags - Good Metal Ones - Need a Source

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Someone give me a source for some good quality AK-47 Mags that will function well.

I need 3 or 4

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For *******

I have quite a few brand-new Chinese-made, came in military cloth pouches, no idea what these are going for, had 'em from Phoenix yet, and been here in MO 10 years, so they are old good stuff.

I'll send you 4 for $50.

What do you think?
captain-03 said:
.....What capacity mags are they? I am looking for some 20rds mags!!
I only have a couple of 20s, the rest of the stash is all 30s.
msredneck said:
massair I'll try a couple......Have not seen any 20 rounders in quite a while...I may not have EVER seen a 20 rd AK mag....Think I've seen 40 rd and I've seen the drums....too much weight when loaded
PM me with a mailing address, and I will send a couple.
1 - 3 of 16 Posts
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