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While we are on the subject, one of my supervisors has a complete AK kit bought during the "frenzy" and now wants to sell. He is bringing it to show me tomorrow, so I will find out what the country of origin is...the receiver is an unfolded flat. Any ballpark ideas of current value? (sorry to take this off on a tangent)

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jbpmidas said:
................ What special tools required to assemble?
Here is where you open the BIG CAN of WORMS......... and checkbook.

Lets assume you bought a finished AK receiver ($125 range). You will need.................

1. A grinder to remove the existing rivets.

2. A press (or other gizmo) to remove the barrel from the front trunnion.

3. A press (or other gizmo) and backer bars to set the new rivets.

4. A drill press to drill out the old rear trunnion rivets.

5. A box of bandaids.......................... for the blood.

And lets not forget some knowledge of what you are doing (metal working).

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