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AK's your favorite Country of origin, and or domestic, and why

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Difficult for me to answer this myself as I just about like them all. Bulgarian ones are kind of my favorite in that they seemed to be a little more asthetically pleasing and have shot better for me in the accuracy department. This being said a friend recently got one of the Saiga reworks from Arsenal USA, and it is a sweet shooting, and sweet looking AK.
The Chinese MAK 90's work like, well like an AK is supposed to. They kind of grow on you too. The much maligned WASR's even work good when properly set up. I have about 3000 rounds thru one with out a malfuntion.
Yugo AK's are nice and seem to be well put togather as well the M70 shoots good too. Then there are the Other caliber AK's like the 223, 545, 308, and some others as well. What are ya'lls thoughts on what you like and why.
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The most accurate I have shot is a Russian, but I have handled a couple of Bulgarian's that probably were the most aesthetically pleasing (if that can actually be said about an AK...). I have a WASR that does look and feel a little "cheap", but as a matter of fact, it was cheap and has about 1600-1700 rounds through it without a malfunction and without having anything done to it other than a little work on the trigger pull. It's not a tack driver, but considering the sights and the trigger, it isn't that bad. Come to think of it, I haven't seen an AK malfunction...
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