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All you MOUSEGUNNERS out there...

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sidroski said:
Them mice are quick. Daughter came up to tell me there was a "rat" on the fireplace. I came in there and didn't see him so I figured he was in the fireplace. I lit the gas and turned it on. When it got hot, he (about as big as my thumb) came to the front and saw me with the broom and retreated. Did it once again and took off on the third time. Little SOB was around the room behind the TV and plants the old lady had out there. He either went into a couch or got under the hall door but that's the last I seen of Mr. Mouse.
I don't know but images of someone chasing a mouse around the house shooting it up and missing the mouse popped into my head. :lol3:
Shooter said:
I shot several groups yesterday at twenty-five feet. The best was just inside three inches. That would make a nine inch twenty-five yard group. I was using a Sig P230 and Winchester White Box. I finished up by shooting two mags at a ten inch steel plate hung at twenty-five yards. I missed once with one mag and twice with the other. That, at least to me, confirmed my ability to hold five shots in the nine inch groups at twenty-five yards. I wonder if Sweeny ment feet instead of yards?
The SIG 230 should do better than that. I don't really consider it a Mouse Gun anymore with all the smaller ones out now. Unless you meant the 238.
1 - 2 of 11 Posts
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