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Almost got my reloading area setup!

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Bench made entirely of 2x4's (except for pegboard)

Case prep area
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Beladran said:
drill press for a case trimmer??? omg you could trim 20 mm cases with that
:lol4: Good point. It was on clearance at TSC. Beats the heck out of holding on to a hand drill.
SubGunFan said:
Them are some mighty BIG wrenches for working on guns....... :)

DANG..... My bench doesn't have a computer on it. Nice addition... (Reload a few rounds and make a few posts on MSGO). :)

Reloading bench made of all 2x4s. Good idea... 2x4s are easy to work with. Is the bench stable (does it wobble any)?

You DONE GOOD.......... You should be PROUD.

The only wobble is from a low spot in the floor. I've framed a shelf area under the table, but haven't put a sheet of plywood on it. I think it took 15 2x4's and measures 27 deep x 66" wide.

The computer was there because I was "working from the home office" :suspect:
Richard said:
Few men and no boys could have done a job that good! Congratulations. How do you like that turret press?
Its a Hornady LNL AP Press. I got it used and have been fixing some broken parts on it. I used it to decap and resize about 1000 223 cases and it was fast. I was just about ready to crank out some 9mm when I found a broken primer guide rail bracket.
1 - 4 of 12 Posts
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