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Amend2 mags any good?

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Classic Firearms has a 10 pack of 30 round mags for 74.99. I’m not familiar with that brand and hesitate to order. Any input? Thanks!
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If magpul are not much more, go with the magpul.
Classic sucks to deal with, just about the worst customer service i have run into.
I do not have time to type all that out right now, but they will drag any problems out for months.
It took around 4 months to get the problem i had resolved.
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If buying from Randy then yes go for it. If paying higher price Online, don't. Buy PMAGs. Or lancer. Or wait till can find metal DH or Okay mags on sale with free shipping
I forgot about the d&h, I need more of them.
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I’m waiting till they hit $6.99 again.. don’t really need them but I like them.
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