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Sold Amish Made Black Leather Gun Belt 1 1/2" Size 36

Discussion in 'Sold' started by beasleydano, Apr 22, 2016.

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  1. beasleydano

    beasleydano Distinguished Poster

    Black leather gun belt, black stitching, 1 1/2" wide, size 36. 5 holes 1" apart. Measured from leather crease at buckle end to middle hole just over 36", to tip of belt 42". Premium 12/13 oz. full grain leather approx. 3/16" to 13/64" thick, one piece of leather, stitched with heavyweight nylon thread. Stainless steel roller buckle, removeable, attached with Chicago screws. Made in USA by Amish craftsmen in Holmes County, Ohio. Excellent condition. SOLD!

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