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Since there is no post on where ppl purchases there ammo, I guess I will start one. Here is my source for ammo, some of these place are the cheapest I found for Self Defense ammo and Target ammo.








If anyone else have any other place they would like to share, you are :wel4: to post.
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nonnieselman said:

i got 1000 .223 55gr FMJ with LC brass.. $328 shipped.
Not too bad a price.
Wow, those just might be the best prices I've seen. I'm bookmarking those guys!

Recently I found what seems to be good deals on once-fired, processed and primed 556 at www.scharch.com. (I did the math and it's a lot cheaper for me to buy the brass pre-primed than it is to buy unprimed brass -- not to mention the time it saves.)
nonnieselman said:
I did a lil math right quick..
Wideners has once fired LC brass $89/1000
I can get wolf primers for $33/1000

Thats $122

This is $162
You're right that the Wideners route is cheaper, but you have to process all that brass -- decap, remove primer crimp, clean, resize, trim as needed -- all before you can load it. The Scharch brass is primed and ready to load. That's worth $31 to me! (It's actually $153 per 1000.)
BTW, here's the spreadsheet I'm using to figure reloading costs. (Note: There was a math error in there, but I got it fixed up just now and uploaded it to the web site again.)


Yes, my math was off. The price difference per round if I buy the Wideners unprocessed brass versus the Scharch primed & processed stuff works out to 1 penny per round over the life of the brass. Definitely worth 1 cent per if I don't have to do all that processing...
1 - 3 of 46 Posts
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