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    The .35 Rem is one of my favorite rifle calibers and I have a bad habit of bringing them home when I find one. I had a meeting at Camp Shelby Friday and on the way home it hit a couple of pawn shops. Nothing at the first one but the second had four leverguns and one happened to be a .35. It's a 1971 model that's been well used but the price was right. What pushed me over the edge was the scope. I like to find a scope of the correct vintage to go with my older guns. This one has an old Redfield 4x with a post recticle. This is a perfect match for a .35.

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    22lrfan... You are evidently living a blessed life!!!

    Congrats on this find!!!


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    Ain't nothing wrong with that. Great catch!
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    Hey Marty, was one of your pawn shop visits to Fisher Brother's Pawn on West Pine in Hattiesburg? It's less than 1/4 mile off 49. It was one of my favorite shops when I lived in the 'burg. Bill & Richard (Fisher) used to get quite a bit of my money.
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    Dang,I have to admit I have disgraced the .35 fan club by installing a Nikon pro staff on to the full brother to your gun.But will make it right by swapping nikon for the Redfeild tracker on a handi .35. Got to keep the Limbsaver due to shoulder injury. Thanks 22lr fan for showing the error of my ways,Its only right to honor those great old guns with period optics.
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    I don't remember that name. There are three pawn shops off of West Pine, one west of 49 and two east. I rarely go by them anymore, maybe one every three or four months. The few that I have found that I was interested in were way overpriced. I always stop at Southern Pawn. It's off Hardy St near 59. He had a decent Lefever 16ga SxS yesterday. A couple of years ago I would have jumped on it but I've for plenty of SxS's for now. The other mandatory stop is Mooney Creek in Collins. That where I got the .35. They have a bunch of old revolvers. There's one that will be coming home with me if it's there next month when I go to Shelby.:)
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    When I lived there for college (mid-1990's), I mainly used Fisher Brothers and "Hock It To Doc".

    "Hock It To Doc" was on 49, about a block south of Hardy. When I was in school at USM, I had a Ruger stainless SBH 44 mag w/ 10.5" bbl. It stayed in Doc's possession more often than in mine, as I was constantly needing gas money to travel back to Natchez to see my then girlfriend (now wife). Last time I was in H'burg, I noticed Doc's had gone out of business.

    Most of my purchases were at Fisher Brothers. I bought a Mossberg 402 Palomino .22 lever gun there, which I (sadly) sold after acquiring a Marlin model 39A. I also bought a stainless 4" Police Service Six, which I still have.
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    I have that rifle! Was my first "deer rifle" that my dad had. He loaded up some 200 gr round nose silver tips that were devastating. Took my first two deer with that combo and still have some loaded up. :) Thanks for sharing the pic!
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    Wanna make a quick 100 profit? I could have bought a like new 30-30 last week, but I never run across 35 Remington. You have to be living right.:101010:
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    Let me think about that. I sold a couple of my .35's a while back and I'm trying to restock. I always ask if there is anything other than .30-30's when I see leverguns on a rack. It used to be common to find other calibers but now days I'm surprised when they have something other than .30-30's.
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    The good ole boys that I have talked to over the years that owned 35s; loved them. They said that was all they ever needed for deer hunting. I figure there must be something to the old caliber.
    Enjoy, I figure one day I will find one.
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    There's something special about the .35. There a whole subforum on Marlinowners about .35's. This is an old photo of mine. I sold the second from the left because it had a safety. Also sold the third from the right since it was to modern. I need to dig them out and take a new photo with this one.

    35 Rem's b.JPG
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    I love the 35 Remington. Nice score Marty. The only thing that thing needs now some see-through rings!
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    It actually had see-thru's on it when I bought it. I swapped them out before I took the photos. I've probably got a dozen sets of them in my junk box. I'm hoping they will be collectible some day.
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    I dont even worry about that. Straight to the trash is where mine go!
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    Watch iraq veteran 8888's video about what is a brush gun and about bullet deflection.
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    outstanding lineup