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Another colt 1911

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Im thinking this is a mix n match one. its a series 80 GCNM Slide but the frame appears to be older- notice hammer, grip safety, and arched MSH. The trigger appears correct for the GCNM also the front strap has grooves running horizontal that my other GCNM doesnt have. I cant seem to find the SN range for a production date for the frame.

Pistol is fit very well and shoots great. Wear on the exterior slide and frame (beautiful idiot scratch too) but the barrel and internals show very little use. The left side of the frame has a re-import marking on it ( these were exported for military or police use and then reimported, hence the marking on the frame) yep decreases value and accounted for that when i paid $475.00 for it.

any help on identifying the date on the frame would be beneficial. As you can see from the pic the only letters in the serial number are SN then all numerals after that,
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475 man I dont care about wear and tear that is highway robbery. :thumbup: great deal!
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