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another new rifle (another Stevens 200)

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Academy had them mismarked.. got it for $179 :D
7mm-08, i already have my 308 barrel, so im gonna go get it chopped and threaded for the suppressor :D

I paid 299 for my Stevens .223 :x
This jewel was $192 out the door, they were goin fast too!!
If i had the money i would have bought 5 of them haha

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Cheaperthandirt.com had tula .223 for a good price.. got 2k rounds for 420bucks shipped.

I must add that these Stevens rifles are pretty nice, ive put over 500rds of Tula Steel case thru my Stevens .223 and havent cleaned it or had any issues. its plenty accurate enough for a small Coyote kill at 300yds.
This is .223 ammo.. Not 5.56.
Atleast so it says on the box.
yea i didnt have alot of money at the time and i dont have your number Neck... I was in a hurry to get it and had to go make a delivery so i didnt have time to get on the net and let everybody know.
dhollis51 said:
that is a fine counter top you got there

Nice find as well

They did come in handy
mattblake said:
Nice nonnie went up to academy monday night and last night. They didn't have any short actions.
i secretly bought all them :D
1 - 6 of 13 Posts
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