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Another Newbie Hello From Brandon

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Afternoon Everyone -

Been lurking for a couple of months and decided it was time to jump into the fray with both feet.

Live in NW Rankin near the Res. State grad before many of you were born (guess that means I can take most any type of punishment) and a huge Saints fan - was at the first game they ever played. Looking forward to ending the daily grind - may happen this year - but then what would I do? Oh yeah - range time.

LOML and I recently received our carry permits (41 days from fingerprints to mailbox) and have joined The Mag. She is currently finishing up some one-on-one training with Cliff. He's good - I got questions, I ask her.

I'm getting back into handguns - for me it's been the annual elk hunting trip to Colorado - but the friggin' mountains are starting to wear me out (is this where i say "I'm getting too old for this chit"?)

OK - 'nuff for now - gotta go check out a lead on a 1911 - could well be my next "am I gonna tell the wife about this" purchase? Oh yeah, she'll know :>) But, until that time, keep it under your hair Cliff.

Later - POPS
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Welcome POPS and I won't hold the MSU thing against you but will cheer on the Saints any day of the week with you. I wish I was there to see the opening kick off I am sure the stadium went nuts when they ran it back for a touchdown..but I wasnt even born :yell:

welcome aboard
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