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Another one from Oxford

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I just found my way here via GLOCKTalk!
My name is Scott Watkins. I live here in Oxford and work at the University in the Physics Dept. machine shop.
Thanks CentralMsGunFan for the hook up!
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ree_countrygirl said:
im from coffeeville. nice to see someone from our part of the state
Used to go through Coffeeville every day when I worked at Heatcraft Tool & Die. Those were the days...
BigMike, I may post an ad here when they're ready. Maybe another week until they're done. Here is the link to them for those that are interested.
jbpmidas said:
BigMoneyGrip said:
I live here in Oxford and work at the University!
That's wierd, you live in Oxford and drive to Starkville to work!!!! Kind of a long commute!!!!

Welcome top another NothMSer!

Go dawgs!
The University of Mississippi.
1 - 3 of 26 Posts
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