Another one of my favorite 22’s

Discussion in 'Rimfire' started by Brother_Love, Mar 29, 2018.

  1. Brother_Love

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    This is one of the Walmart Special 10/22’s with the 22” barrel. That’s a cheap TruGlo red dot. This rifle will thread a needle at 75 yds with Federal bulk pack ammo. It shoots Remington’s almost as good but put some Winchester’s in and it patterns like a 12 ga.
    I added the boat paddle stock too. I found the old knife at the dump today. I’m going to clean it up and sharpen it.

    76FA5D63-46EE-4D6C-A056-2D29881E6A85.jpeg 4A4041A6-AB79-4BD8-8E37-2A8754F35273.jpeg 97E53ED6-8F2D-48B1-9E1B-E02116BA9F53.jpeg
  2. 2DARK2C

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    really nice one!
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  3. wllmkttrll

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    I like the 10/22 but my go to is the nylon 66
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  4. Cliff731

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    Brother_Love... your very nice 10/22 s/n matches with a 2008 date of manufacture on Ruger's search site... :)

    And I do recall seeing those synthetic "boat paddle" stocks on some 10/22 models a few years ago at my favorite gun store! :cool:
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  5. Southern Reloading

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    Knife will probably be your favorite too when you get it cleaned and sharpened!
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  6. Jedman7

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    very nice 10/22. I know a guy who has a stock 10/22 from the 80's. That things absolutely LOVES Aguila ammo, standard blue box.
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  7. ms bow hunter

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    I purchased a used 10/22 a while back. It is stainless with a greenish laminate stock...someone told me that is was a “Walmart special”. What does that mean?
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  8. bubbat

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    Means a Ruger only Walmart got, no different quality wise as some people claim, just in appearance. Walmart does/did sell so many guns, they do special runs for them that aren't listed in normal Ruger catalog for everyone else. Like the Stainless/ green laminate, I bought one from Wally World in 96-97 can't remember exactly, they were the only store that had them.
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  9. TwangBanger

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    This is like mine. A Wal-Mart limited edition, from the mid-late 90's. Stainless finish, full length Mannlicher style green laminated stock. My wife & I both worked for Walmart then, and she bought this for my birthday in either 1996 or 1997.
    ruger 1022 green lam mann.jpg
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  10. ms bow hunter

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    Thanks for the explanation. I heard somewhere that Bill Ruger was friends with Sam Walton, so maybe that has something to do with it as well (wether that is factual or not I cannot say)...
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  11. Brother_Love

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    I got mine simply because I like the longer barrel. I have a Stock 10/22 that shoots just as good with the 18” barrel but I just like longer barrels.

    I would like to run across one of the Mannlicher stocked rifles one day.
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  12. Cliff731

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    Any Ruger 10/22 is a "solid" buy... unless it's been so neglected and abused by a previous owner as to be in too poor of a condition to consider. Otherwise, you simply cannot go wrong with one!!! :)

  13. rigrat

    rigrat Semper Fi

    Is there such thing as to poor of condition. I mean you can replace/upgrade anything on them. One of my favorite 22’s.
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  14. Cliff731

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    Agreed, Rigrat... but I'll pass on a 10/22 that's in otherwise overall deplorable condition... :)
  15. Chicknman

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    Mr cliff I'm too lazy to google but I know you can tell me when the first 1022 was made
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  16. Cliff731

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    1964 according to Wiki... confirmed by Ruger's website too... ;)
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  17. Chicknman

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    Mr cliff. The Google of MSGO. Thank you sir. I'm always impressed with your knowledge or ability to provide info.
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  18. Cliff731

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    Thanks, Chicknman... I do appreciate the kind words!!! :)
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  19. Chicknman

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    I always like to see what you have to say about the many subjects that come up on MSGO!!:daman:
  20. Cliff731

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    Thank you, Chicknman... I do appreciate that!!! ;)

    And I have truly enjoyed your posts on the MSGO too!!! :101010::101010:
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