Another RINO Flushed Out (Oklahoma)

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  1. Oklahoma governor vetoes gun carry bill in defeat for NRA

    Oklahoma Gov. Mary Fallin on Friday vetoed the “Constitutional Carry” bill that, if passed, would have enabled handgun owners in the state to carry without first obtaining a permit.

    The NRA had supported the bill's passage and had urged Fallin to sign it.

    While Oklahoma “is a state that respects the Second Amendment,” Fallin said in a statement, she chose to veto the bill, also known as Senate Bill 1212, because “the firearms requirement we current have in state law are few and reasonable.”

    “Oklahoma is a state that respects the Second Amendment. As governor, I have signed both concealed-carry and open-carry legislation. I support the right to bear arms and own a pistol, a rifle, and a shotgun,” the statement read.

    “Oklahomans believe that law-abiding individuals should be able to defend themselves. I believe the firearms requirement we current have in state law are few and reasonable. Senate Bill 1212 eliminates the training requirements for persons carrying a firearms in Oklahoma. It reduces the level of the background check necessary to carry a gun,” it continued.

    Fallin added that the bill “eliminates the current ability of Oklahoma law enforcement to distinguish between those carrying guns who have been trained and vetted, and those who have not,” echoing an argument that many lawmakers who opposed the mandate, such as Democratic state Rep. Shane Stone, made while the bill was debated.

    The mandate is “anti-safety and anti-law enforcement” and “too far out there,” Stone previously told Fox News.

    “Again, I believe the firearms laws we currently have in place are effective, appropriate and minimal, and serve to reassure our citizens that people who are carrying handguns in this state are qualified to do so,” Fallin’s statement ended.

    The bill passed the Oklahoma House of Representatives in a 59-28 vote in late April. It passed the state’s Senate on May 2 in a 33-9 vote. At the time, some lawmakers expected Fallin to pass the legislation, while the bill’s author, Republican Sen. Nathan Dahm, was wary that Fallin would choose to veto Constitutional Carry because “she had vetoed other gun legislation in the past,” he told Fox News at the time.


    republicans-explaining-how-their-gun-control-is-different-than-democratic-31549790 (2).jpg

    Unfortunately, Oklahoma does not have a recall process.
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  2. charlie2t

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    So the 2nd amendment for Oklahoma says “shall not be infringed but only if you are vetted and trained?”

  3. Yeah, you know, like the 'bad guys' ... but maybe the OK state constitution has different wording? :warning:

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  4. When the bad guys are finally caught and charged, the prosecutor can add the misdemeanor charge of carrying a concealed firearm without a state permit and without proper training.

    Makes a big difference, right?
  5. Henry Bowman

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    Another skank that needs to be voted out.
  6. Jarhead5811

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    She’s a lame duck that will be out next time around due to term limits. So, you can bet that these are her true colors.
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    Vetted and trained oh, and how pay some money too?

    I'm pro training, but perhaps not mandatory pay to play so you can 2A.

    Just wanted to add that there is a third element and that is money.
    Background checks, training and the $ to make it all happen, which is big gov's fav. part of the mix.
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    Listen guys, this might be a good time to bring this up.

    There is a lady named Morgan Dunn running for congress here. I listened to one of her long videos from her facebook account where she was talking to donors or potential voters etc. and she discussed at length workarounds from her medical industry experience to getting people cancelled on the background check system. I just looked real quick, it seems like they shortened the video lengths. It was somewhere in the middle of like a 40 minute video when asked a question by some unknown man from the left side of the screen.

    Yes, she is pretty, yes she has cute pictures with her family, but we need to find out about these people's policies and history. We don't need any more RINOS and anti-gun republicans.
    It is time to start looking into this MSGO, primaries are coming up on June 5! I am looking at Michael Guest so far. Maybe we need to make a new thread on this, what do you think @LeansVeryRight2016 ?

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    In a word, NOPE. How many guns get confiscated in Jackson, with the offending party placed under arrest?
    Also, just what does a LEO exactly look for to see if you're trained and vetted. Nother feel good BS law.
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