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Another thumbs DOWN for PARA!!!!!

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Some time back ya'll may recall I sent my Para 14-45 1911 back to Para for factory Tritium night sights....after numerous phone calls and 4 months later, I got it back.... shot it shortly after getting it back, then stored it. Shot it again on Memorial Day, cleaned, then stored again.... was thinking about it tonight and how tight/hard the recoil spring still is on the gun and decided to rack the slide and leave it open to "work" the spring overnight.... I was looking at it in a 1/2 dim room, and noticed how bright the 2 rear sights were...and how dim front sight....what front sight...the little tritium dot has fallen out!!!!! *(^&*^%&*&*()^^%^^&)(*&*%$%^$^^*()&*(&*^%&*&)(*()*(*^&*&)(**&)(& :pullhair: :pullhair: :pullhair: :pullhair: :pullhair: :pullhair: :pullhair: :pullhair: :pullhair: :pullhair: :pullhair: :pullhair: :pullhair: :pullhair:

Guess I can wait till it's totally dark to see if by some chance it is somewhere in the house....(*^%^$%^#%&*&(*)*(*)^&%^$^%*())(*_&*(%^&*^%*)&()*
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Competitive shooters go through thousands of rounds during practice, new parts testing, practice, general shooting, practice, and practice. :D
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