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Another thumbs DOWN for PARA!!!!!

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Some time back ya'll may recall I sent my Para 14-45 1911 back to Para for factory Tritium night sights....after numerous phone calls and 4 months later, I got it back.... shot it shortly after getting it back, then stored it. Shot it again on Memorial Day, cleaned, then stored again.... was thinking about it tonight and how tight/hard the recoil spring still is on the gun and decided to rack the slide and leave it open to "work" the spring overnight.... I was looking at it in a 1/2 dim room, and noticed how bright the 2 rear sights were...and how dim front sight....what front sight...the little tritium dot has fallen out!!!!! *(^&*^%&*&*()^^%^^&)(*&*%$%^$^^*()&*(&*^%&*&)(*()*(*^&*&)(**&)(& :pullhair: :pullhair: :pullhair: :pullhair: :pullhair: :pullhair: :pullhair: :pullhair: :pullhair: :pullhair: :pullhair: :pullhair: :pullhair: :pullhair:

Guess I can wait till it's totally dark to see if by some chance it is somewhere in the house....(*^%^$%^#%&*&(*)*(*)^&%^$^%*())(*_&*(%^&*^%*)&()*
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Para was the hot set-up before the STI/SV paltform came along in USPSA.

I built one, but replaced everything but the frame...literally. I knew what I was walking into when I did though. I had Les Baer slide, all STI parts, Bomar sights and a Schuemann barrel. By the time I had all the custom welding done to the frame for the mag-well, hand-checkering on the front-strap, flat, semi-arched and fully-arched mainspring housings, Accu-Rails, custom slide cuts, fat-topping etc. and 10, hi-cap mags....I spent well over 4 grand...and we're talking 13 years ago. It looked more like a Caspian when I was done because of all the custom work....nobody believed it was a PARA when I was done!

I put alot of rounds through it, but what I found out about Para's metal is it doesn't hold up approaching 100 thousand rounds. The frame eventually cracked, although the gun still ran.

I will never own another Para.
Beladran said:
frame lasted 100k rounds and you wont buy another one? thats 10 life times worth of shooting for the average joe
I had to replace the slide and all the other parts in the gun because the were junk.

The frame only held up one season before I had to install the Accu-rails.

Trust me, you don't want one.
swede62 said:
I have a question here. What is the average mean time between failures, and lifetime for a frame. I realize some would surpass that, but some wouldn't. I'm thinking the Military standards here. QC on these is stringent. I know the military 1911's where not as tight as competition 1911's I'm just looking for standard for comparison.
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